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You probably already have a social media presence on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But are you having any success? It may not be as easy as you thought to get likes or followers. Before you start fantasizing about all of the customers you’re going to get off social media, take a little time to analyze what you’re already doing with it.  You may be making common mistakes that can be losing you potential customer traffic. Here are 5 mistakes you can change right now to improve your results.

Not telling people you’re on social media

Take every opportunity to let people know that you have a social media presence. Link your Instagram and Twitter handles to your Facebook page, website and in the signature on your email. You can even link to them in your newsletters and other forms of communications like trade show and marketing events. Take opportunities to build a relationship with your followers by sharing, liking and commenting on their posts. It’s great to establish a presence in your social community. Remind your followers that you’re still there with re-marketing campaigns.

Not creating a marketing plan to strategically combine marketing efforts

All marketing efforts need to integrate together. A marketing plan alone is not enough. It will require strategically planned and branded emails, direct mail, newsletters, social media efforts and more!

Not including a call to action to your website from social media

Once you’ve engaged people on social media, send them to your website. That’s where you’ll be able to mobilize them to take action. Link to your site in a post. This tool may have the contact info and other useful resources the they are looking for. Don’t just sell, be a resource!

Inconsistently posting on your social media platforms

Do you post inconsistently or unpredictably? This can be frustrating to a consumer who may be seeing too little – or too many of your posts. Set the expectation of what they can get from your page. Spread out your posts by scheduling them throughout the day or week. This will have better results than waking up and posting five items first thing in the morning and nothing else the rest of the day. It’s best to post three times a week over several weeks than five times the first week and disappearing offline.

Take the time to implement these 5 tactics and watch as your social media presence improves. Now you can turn those fantasies into reality!

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