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Epic Nine is a design and marketing agency

in Maryville Tn. We provide comprehensive

marketing solutions for

small businesses

that are effective, affordable, and measurable.

  • Web Design

  • Marketing Consultation

  • Branding

  • Logo Design

  • SEO

  • Social Media

  • Digital Advertising

  • PR



We learn about your existing brand and marketing history. We investigate your competition, identify your resources, define your target audience, and any other elements that contribute to a comprehensive marketing solution.


We develop a campaign and design strategy that incorporates as many or as few elements as needed to reach your business goals. We root our plan in the data from the Discover phase coupled with focus groups, surveys, and research as needed.


We put the plan into action and implement the designs, campaigns, and technological integrations that will power your marketing. Epic Nine ensures all moving parts of your marketing plan work together by providing comprehensive and seamless services.


Once the initial marketing plan has been executed, we measure and analyze the results to further improve our strategy based upon the data. Our goal is to see measurable results between our marketing efforts and the growth of your business.