Why Realtors Need IDX and MLS in Their Sites

Written by Jeremy LaDuke

Are you a realtor looking for better engagement on your site? Consider IDX and MLS. Not sure what those are? That’s what we’re here for.

I remember buying my first home.

We were moving to Maryville from the Tri-Cities so we didn’t have a lot of time to drive around and see the houses on our own. Luckily we were referred to a great realtor who helped us find a great home.

However, even with a great realtor and great service, there were still mysterious aspects of the hunting/buying process.

The aspect that stuck out the most to me was the MLS.

What was this treasure trove of available homes and why couldn’t anyone just have easy access to it? I remember searching the web for hours to find lists of available homes to browse and I tried my best to keep track of the ‘keepers’.

After nearly a decade this process hasn’t changed too much for buyers, especially if they haven’t personally connected to a realtor yet.  So you have buyers surfing the web not only for a great home but for a great realtor.  If you have a site they may land on it, but will it give them a reason to stay and ultimately choose you as their realtor?

If your site doesn’t have an MLS integrated into it then it will simply be a bump in the road of a lost client’s search for a great home and realtor.

We live in a culture where people are accustomed to comparative shopping where you can always get something at the same price with more features or as is for a lower cost. If your site only has a handful of listings on it (or none at all) then they will move on in search of a richer, more satisfying site.

So imagine this with me: a potential client visits your site and immediately they notice that they can view/search your listings or search the entire MLS.

Once they begin a search they realize they can begin saving their favorite homes directly on your site so they can come back and reference them later, and even more, they can save searches and be notified of new homes in the MLS that fit their parameters. Maps, school info, demographics, and any other relevant data is right there at their fingertips… not at another realtor’s site or the MLS’s site but at yours. You have given them every reason to use your site as their hub for their home search. You have immediately gained credibility in their eyes as a realtor worth using.

To offer this service to your clients and potential clients doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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