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5 Things Every Home Services Business Should Do

Written by Tonia Latham

What do you need in your Home Services Business Kit?

Your business is valuable. Your services are needed. Let’s discuss how you can connect with your customers so that your value meets their needs. 

First, get a great website.

Your website is the most important piece of digital real estate you own. Your clients will use it to verify your authenticity, research your company, and find how to connect with you. You want your site to provide all of that for them AND be easy to find, show up in search engines, be mobile-friendly, and load quickly. Investing in creating this responsive site will bring definite ROI.

Next, claim your Google My Business account.

Your free Business Profile on Google lets you engage with customers directly and manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. You can easily do this by visiting From finding your up-to-date contact info to connecting with your website, Google My Business is an excellent customer resource that helps you tap into the power of Google. Customers can leave reviews on your profile, and you can respond from your Google My Business account. When you make it easy to connect, your business can grow.

Third, focus on your social media presence.

Find out where your ideal customers are and go talk to them! At a minimum, you need a Facebook business page since 70% of people have a Facebook account. Depending on your business type, you will also want Instagram and possibly Pinterest. Not only do you want to set up the pages, but you’ll also want to create a plan for how you’ll share info and communicate through the pages. This can be as simple as developing a posting plan and setting aside a few minutes each day to reply to comments and reviews.  

Don’t forget your business cards…and don’t leave home without them!

Your business cards are the most important print asset you have. With a great card, you can share your info easily AND leave a lasting impression on referrals and clients. Your card should be a representation of your business and help clients connect to you through great design and great info.

Finally, invest time in community networking. Find out where referral opportunities are and get there! From your local Chamber of Commerce opportunities to various networking groups, you can be a resource to others AND they can be a referral source for you. Developing good business-to-business relationships is valuable for your continued growth.

With your kit filled with these handy tools, your home services business will be on the pathway to growth and continued success.  

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