Your website will be the single most persistent piece of your marketing collateral. All your other marketing material will direct people to your website, and many times it is the first point of contact for your potential customers.  The bottom line is if your website does not inspire trust and communicate quality then you will be less likely to convert your visitors to real customers.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in creating websites that make emotional connections with your customers and lead them to trust your brand and understand your value.

We can create a wide array of different website types, including:


Pricing for custom design or development work is different for each project.  However if you are a startup or need a redesign and you’re on a tight budget our Epic Sites program is an ideal choice.

What does our web design process look like?

Designing or redesigning a website can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we communicate with you thoroughly from start to finish.  Before we even adjust a pixel for a mockup we meet with you and ask a lot of questions so that we can understand who your business is, who your target audience is, and what your objectives are.  Once we understand and help craft the functional architecture of your site we begin to think of the form.  What should it look like? What style best communicates the quality of your brand? What is going to resonate the most with your audience?  Then we start moving pixels and creating a unique design and style that tells your business’s story.  We present these ideas to you as images or sometimes as semi-functional prototypes and let you review and revise them until you are pleased with the design.

When the general layout and style of the site has been approved we begin building it out as a fully functional website.  Typically we do this on a staging site, hidden from the public.  You will have the opportunity again in this stage to review and revise the details of the site before we make it live on your domain.

What about all the ‘web-dev’ technical details?

Our team of web designers and developers are experts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.  These are the building blocks for most websites that you see and use on the internet.  We don’t put your design into an application and have the application spit out code for your site.  By the time we are finished we know the nuts and bolts of your site on an intimate level.  This allows us to pretty much make your site do anything you need it to do or look any way you need it to look. A phrase we use often is, “if you can imagine it on the screen then we can make your site do it”.

Why does this matter?  There are 2 big reasons why it’s important that your site is not generated from an application or website program.  One is the efficiency and load time.  Website generating software and ‘build it yourself’ web apps often add a lot of extra code and files that you don’t need causing your site to load slowly.  The other, bigger, reason is that your site’s capabilities will always be limited by the software. In contrast, when it’s ‘hand-crafted’, it be customized as much or as little as you need… no limits.

Most of the websites that we create are based on WordPress. We chose WordPress because it’s the most reliable and user friendly system for custom websites that’s out there. You can read more about why we use WordPress here, but in short, one of the biggest reasons we use it is that it helps us keep costs down and add functionality to your site that might otherwise costs tens of thousands of dollars if we had to create it from scratch including calendars, e-commerce systems, POS integration, subscription and membership capabilities, ticketing systems and seating charts just to name a few.

How do we handle hosting, security, mobile-friendliness, and SEO?

Don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered!  The technology that hosts your site and whether or not your site uses an SSL are ranking factors with Google.  That’s why we have continuously improved our hosting services over the years. Currently, all our sites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform with an SSL and CDN (content delivery network) standard with each site.  The Google Cloud Platform combined with a CDN ensures fast load times for sites of all sizes.  We also use caching technology to give your site an extra edge.  And since Google has prioritized mobile sites in search rankings all our sites are mobile-friendly.