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Field Guide Term:
Social Proof

Social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses.  Positive social proof can influence us to buy a new good or trust a business — while negative proof has quite the opposite effect.

Social proof, while on first-glance seems simple, can actually be narrowed into 5 distinct categories.

1. Expertise:   People value the opinions of thought-leaders and industry experts on their respective domain. Think about how certifications and badges on websites make you trust a retailer a little bit more.

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2. Celebrity:  This type of social proof often correlates directly with the way we traditionally view “influencers.” People often have a stronger desire for a product if they see it worn or used by their favorite celebrity.

Thumbs Up, Success, Approval, Yes, Boy, Man, Handsome

3. Users:   This type of social proof involves responses and reactions to products or services by those who have bought them. A common example would be user-generated content or reviews of a product or service hosted online.

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4. Wisdom of Crowds:  People don’t want to be left out or left behind! This type of social proof involves buyers making purchases because it seems like everyone else is doing it…

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5. Wisdom of Family & Friends:  People trust the opinions of their friends, family, and loved ones. They are likely to make purchasing decisions based on their actions and input.