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Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest advertising allows you to reach users on the Pinterest social media platform with specific digital advertising that may match their interests through targeting.

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You can use any of these targeting options on their own, or combine multiple targeting approaches together.

  • Audiences: Combine what you already know about your customers with behavioral insights from Pinterest. You can reach people who have bought from your site, who recently engaged with your content on Pinterest, etc.

  • Keywords: Show ads to people searching for specific topics. A home retailer might want to target people searching for “tabletop lamps” or “decorative rugs.”

  • Interests: Reach people based on the types of boards they’ve created, the Pins they’ve engaged with and other things they care about. For example, a tour company could target people who seem interested in trips to Canada.

  • Expanded: Once you start entering keywords and interests, we’ll automatically suggest additional interests and keywords based on the content of your ad, and who you’re trying to reach.

  • Demographics: You can choose to focus on a specific location, language, device or gender.

  • Placements: Choose whether you want your ads to show in people’s search results, as they browse, or both.