Everything is telling a story.

Everything about your business is telling a story.  From the moment someone calls to the time they have a receipt in their hand you are either helping them trust your organization or are pushing them to the next business.   It is our passion to help great businesses and organizations tell their stories in such a way that gets Epic results.   Find out more about how we can help tell your story and measure the impact it has.

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Results driven web design

Driven by Results

With the technology available to us today there is no reason you can’t know which of your marketing efforts is making you money and which ones are simply taking it away.  If we aren’t growing your reach and helping you gain more business, loyalty, and sales then we aren’t doing our job.  Your results are our results and that is what drives us to make our own story great.

Track Everything

Why Epic Nine?

With nearly 40 years of combined experience in website design, development, and marketing in Knoxville and beyond we know how to help you grow your business.   Below is a list of our services:

Knoxville Web Design

We will work with your organization to create a web presence that helps tell your story in an innovative way.  Whether you need eCommerce, a mobile website, or SEO Epic Nine can create a site that adds value to your business and helps you grow..

Graphic Design

We have over 50 combined years of a love affair with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.  Whether it’s logos, billboards, newspaper ads or any other print or digital designs, we can help.  Epic Nine’s portfolio includes both digital and print solutions.  We also know some of the best prices online and locally in Knoxville to get your material printed.

Realtor Services

Have the leading real estate website in Knoxville or beyond!  A great user experience for your visitors on your website builds your credibility as a great realtor.  Visit Epic Nine’s Realtor Website Services to learn all the details.   We can work with MLS’s in Knoxville and across the country and provide tools for lead generation.


Starting an online store can be a hairy process.  We can help you figure out which platform to use, which merchant account works best, and installing your SSL.  We are experienced in Magento, WooCommerce, Zencart, and other ecommerce platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Even if you have a great website it doesn’t help you if people can’t find it.  All Epic Nine sites are set up for basic Search Engine Optimization so that Google, Bing, and others can find your site and get traffic flowing your way.  And your SEO doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.  We value transparency and want to show you how our SEO works and the results it is getting you.

Mobile Development

With more and more online activity being conducted from mobile devices your business may benefit from a site that is customized for smart phones and tablets.  If you view this site on a mobile device you can see the quality that you can get from your website!

Track Everything.

If you aren’t measuring the effectiveness of your marketing then you are doing it wrong.

We track your marketing to ensure we are helping your business grow.  

Don’t gamble with your marketing.  If you can’t measure how well your marketing is doing then you could be slowly creeping towards the end of your business.   We can help track all your marketing to see what is working and what needs to be tossed.

  • Referrals from other sites
  • Calls made after viewing your site
  • Calls made from offline marketing
  • Track where the most profitable conversions are coming from
  • A/B Testing
  • Email Marketing Effectiveness

Leadership is communication… thoughtful actions are essential to good leadership, but at the heart of it all you are telling a story.  Your words and your actions combine to craft a story that either inspires, bores, or harms.   Every group of people, whether a business or organization, that wants a great story to tell must start crafting that story from within.  Great marketing is not a white washing a story… it is the accent lights on an already great work of art.