Only a few years ago, digital signage solutions were limited to high end, luxury retailers that were able to afford and manage them. However, this has all changed fairly recently. Digital signage is currently the world’s second fastest growing advertising medium, and small to middle sized retailers are increasingly using this technology because it has become more affordable and easier to use than ever before. This allows millions of digital signs to be used daily in the world, something which has shown to greatly benefit the owners of a business and their consumers.

Digital signage is experiencing this growth because of its innate ability to give consumers exactly what they need. It is a continuous source of not only updated information, but also provides a closer connection to the company. What was once a static sign, has become a dynamic experience that streams video content and increases customer appeal. It allows companies to connect to their consumers in a more interactive and memorable way. Here are the top 5 benefits of using digital signage in your business.

Control Over Content:

One of the greatest benefits of having digital signage is that you have complete control over your sign and the information it displays. You are able to provide unique content to your customers, giving them a more memorable experience. You know your customers and what their needs are, with digital signage you can strategically provide content to inspire an increase in sales, as well as introduce new products or services. This has been found to be immensely beneficial, and research shows that digital signage increases the average purchase amount by 29.5%. You can also use digital signage to provide a smoother experience for visiting consumers by providing visual maps and other navigational tools. The possibilities are endless.
Reduce Costs

Not only does digital signage increase your customer connection, as well as your sales, it also saves you a lot of money. By using digital displays for your business you are erasing the cost of printing old-fashioned posters that will become obsolete in a few weeks, also cutting the expense of getting said posters from the printer to multiple locations. Many times, getting new information about a product or an event notice to your customers is very time dependent. By using digital signage that is easily updatable you are preventing opportunity cost that can happen if your printed signage doesn’t get put up in time. By using digital displays you are wisely using and expanding the amount of space you have for advertising spots. Each spot is able to display numerous screens of information as compared to only one static poster.

Dynamic content delivery

Aside from being highly cost-effective when compared to print, you can also get your message out there much faster. Unlike a static ad, we are able to change the content in real time whenever you want to display new promotions, products, events, social media messages, or just to send a nice message to your customers. You are no longer limited by the lengthy and costly production time of new signs every time the need arises, you simply send over the new information, and within a short period of time it is updated. Companies are able to speak directly to their customers with the right message, in the right place, all at the right time. In this way, digital signage keeps up with you and your growing business.

Better store or office experience

Humans are highly visual beings, and digital signage appeals to this like no other advertising medium. Customers are provided with interesting content that draws them in, and ultimately makes them want more from the company. No just from buying more product, but it also incites a desire to be a part of the company’s movement. In offices where people have to wait for long periods of time, digital signage can improve a customer’s experience. Research shows that 66% of the customers in a doctor’s office said that they perceived the waiting time as shorter when there was a digital sign in the room.

Stand Out

Having the edge over your competitors with new technology makes you stand out from the crowd. Research shows that 47% of those who have seen a digital signage screen in the past 30 days specifically recall seeing the content, and in business, being memorable is one of the most important things, especially when you have competition. Customers will be drawn to a company who has a close connection with its customers, and who create a brand that people are interested in following and keeping up with. Customers will feel a sense of community when they interact with social media posts and prompts from the screen, as well as feel intrigued when new products and sales come up.

It’s an immensely exciting time to exist, with changing technology all around us that equips us with improved abilities to grow your business. Digital signage is changing the way that companies connect with their consumers, and if you want to improve customer engagement, promote your brand, and increase sales, step into the future of advertising and make the switch to digital.

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