In today’s market your website is often times the first impression people get of your company and services.  What is your current site telling your potential clients?  Many times Real Estate Agents’ websites are touch and go.  Buyers visit a page, click on the ‘search MLS’ link, and never see the Agent’s site again.  And the reality of it is each one of those is a client lost.

We want to help you convert your visitors into clients by giving you a site that is custom designed and becomes a hub for buyers.  If you take a quick glance at a handful of  agents’ sites online today it doesn’t take long to realize that they are all using the same handful of templates.  A custom design that captures the quality of your service helps give you instant credibility with buyers.  And Epic Nine’s IDX service goes beyond simply letting buyers search the MLS directly from your site and having all the MLS listings indexed to your site through Google and other search engines, but it also provides a way for buyers to save searches, get email updates, create a ‘favorites’ list, as well as giving you the ability to make custom hot sheets, featured listings, and more.

Clients Using Epic Nine Realtor Services: