Is Growth Enough?

Written by epicnine

It’s every business owner’s dream to make more money while doing less work. One of the obvious ways to achieve this is by gaining more clients. However, there is so much more to running a successful business than simply having more clients. If a company does not have the infrastructure in place to handle the added business, it might collapse. Here are the 3 key elements to success when it comes to growing a business. Focus on perfecting these 3 areas and your business will be ready to handle as much growth as you are willing to take on!



We have all heard the phrase, “Communication is key”. However, it cannot be stressed enough how crucial communication is for a growing business. There are 2 main areas of communication for any business:

  • Internal Communication: Internal communication deals with any communication that takes place within the business itself. It is important for any leader to communicate clearly within the workforce. A clear line of communication between employer and employee helps ensure that workflow and deadlines are met. Employees must also be able to communicate easily and quickly with each other. Make sure roles are properly defined and any apps or software that your company chooses to use are a good fit for your needs. Apps such as Slack are a great resource for delegating duties and creating lines of communication for different projects.
  • External Communication: The way your business communicates with the outside world is also very crucial to growth and stability. Ensure that you have solidified methods when it comes to interacting with clients, press, and the community. Be sure to communicate these methods clearly with your entire team! By creating systems for communication, you will be able to be more organized, clear, and efficient when you interact with people outside of the business.



Once you have systems in place to communicate efficiently and clearly with your team, clients, and community, education is the next crucial area to focus on. Systems and methods mean nothing if each individual member has their own. Consider setting up training seminars or creating an operations manual for your team to reference. As your company grows it is vital that you keep your resources updated and relevant. A good place to start is weekly or biweekly team meetings to allow your team to ask question or communicate their needs.

As you grow, so will your team. Make sure the onboarding process is as detailed and informative as possible. You want to equip new team members with everything they need to hit the ground running. A well informed team member will create well informed clients.



Communicating clearly and educating exhaustively are two very important aspects of growing a business. However, it will be in vain if your business is not dedicated. The line “the customer comes first” holds this mentality at its core but dedication runs deeper than a simple mantra. A company that is going to grow well and succeed in this day and age must be willing to take the extra steps. They have to do what their competition is not. A client will always know if they are truly valued or not. A company that really cares and connects with its clients is a company that a community will notice. As your business grows, you must be willing to implement whatever is necessary to connect with your clients and meet their needs on a personal level.


These 3 areas might not seem like much on the surface but they are the core foundation for growing a successful business. Take the time to implement proper lines of communication and training. Once you’ve implemented, take that mentality and apply it in a way that serves each and every client on a personal level. Then stand back and watch your business thrive as it grows.

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