Digital Signage

Utilize your existing internal audiovisual (i.e. lobby televisions) to highlight promotions, increase social media engagement, and inform and educate your clients. Highlight new additions to your team, use targeted client education, educate visitors and clients of new and existing services. There are boundless ways to engage your visiting or patient populations using digital signage.

Digital signage increases sales, strengthens brand awareness, and informs your target audience. Our services are cloud-based, professionally designed and maintained to effectively tell your story.

Web Design

Your website will be the single most persistent piece of your marketing collateral. All other marketing material will direct people to your website. We ensure your website inspires trust and communicates quality which will contribute to converting visitors to actual customers. Showcase your staff, publish patient education, and offer online bill pay. Epic Sites is the ideal solution for smart small businesses and offers all the fundamental tools small businesses need to get a leg-up on their digital marketing. CLICK HERE to learn what makes Epic Sites so epic.

Local SEO Targeting

Local Seo

Everyday, potential customers are online searching for the products your business offers. Can they find you? Epic Nine works behind the scenes of the search process with local SEO and business reviews monitoring. Local SEO solution is one of the easiest things to increase your rankings in search engines and lays the groundwork for further SEO. Our team ensures your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is correct and consistent on search engines and other relevant sites.


print, digital, mobile

We can share your story with the masses through various advertising mediums. A stalwart in marketing, print design encompasses everything from business cards, billboards, mailers, and more. Digital advertising includes Google Adwords and Facebook. Target a very specific geographic area and demographic audience using geofencing within mobile advertising. Go big using all three advertising mediums, or keep is smaller and more focused using one or two.

Social Media

Social Media

Maintaining current and consistent social media accounts with positive reviews and large followings is becoming a must-have in today’s marketing culture. These accounts lend credibility with likes and shares being the next best thing to word-of-mouth recommendations. We tell your business story in a way that engages customers, maximizes digital word of mouth referrals, and ultimately causes your business to thrive.

Public Relations

Public Relations

What does the general public think of when they hear your business’ name? Public perception is a driving force behind the success of any business. Using a grassroots approach, we guide you in becoming a community partner and consult with you regarding good business partnerships and give-back opportunities. Let us assist you in developing a reputation you can stand on by producing media releases, press releases, and media alerts for your newsworthy events and information. Public relations is a low-cost strategy, easy to implement, producing, often times, priceless returns on investment.

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