To us… this is more than just web design.

We are passionate about helping local businesses thrive. As a local, small business, we understand the worry and risk of making investment purchases in hopes of a successful pay-off. That’s why we don’t charge for useless bells and whistles. We have worked hard to craft an effective and affordable solution to help local businesses jump start their online marketing. From setup to support, our commitment is to tell your business’ unique story and take care of your business’ marketing needs at a price you can afford. This combination of integrity and purpose-driven options is truly epic.


We don’t use the same templates over and over. That wouldn’t be Epic! Our designers and web connoisseurs work with you to create a site that fits your brand and is uniquely yours. All aspects of your site including colors, layout, and functions will inspire trust and communicate quality.

Mobile friendly matters. Now, more than ever, more searches are taking place on mobile devices. Smartphones have opened the door to user discoveries of new products and companies. Make sure the users you want are able to discover you. Epic Sites ensures your site will be mobile friendly.


Everyday, potential customers are online searching for the products your business offers. Can they find you? Epic Nine works behind the scenes of the search process with local SEO and business reviews monitoring. Local SEO solution is one of the easiest things to increase your rankings in search engines and lays the groundwork for further SEO. Our team ensures your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is correct and consistent on search engines and other relevant sites.

Is your NAP correct? Check Your NAP here.

What happens after your customers find you? Great online reviews build integrity and trust for your business. We assist in monitoring your business’s online reviews so that you can tout the good ones as well as address and recover any negative ones. Your reputation is everything, don’t be blindsided by bad reviews. We give you the tools to remain current and engaged in your business online reviews.

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Local SEO and Reputation Management


A well-developed digital marketing strategy includes a user-friendly site with rich content, continual search engine optimization, and engaging social media. Integrating your business’ social media accounts with your site is an easy step along the way. BONUS: we also include a Facebook Business Page optimization.


Got content? We have a page for that. Epic Sites includes unlimited pages so you don’t have to forfeit great content to stay on budget. Have no fear if writing’s not your forte. Five of those unlimited pages include custom copywriting by one of our experienced writers. Once your site is running, you can even add pages for free! Some of our local competitors cap the amount of pages based upon price points and leave the writing and editing to you – forget about free pages!

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Your business is local and reliable. We are too. That’s why we love local business. Our team lives, plays, and works local. We are tangible. Some web builders sell locally, but production is in another state or country and offer you little to no facetime with the folks creating your site. With Epic Sites, we are just around the corner to shake hands and roll-up our sleeves together to better your business.


We keep your site secure and running. Epic Sites comes with a hack-free guarantee*. Search engines favor sites that include SSL (secure socket layer). With SSL, your site is given the green lock approval in browsers and offers your visitors peace of mind. We don’t stop there. Our team takes a proactive approach and keeps pace of vulnerabilities by making regular software updates to your site. And as an additional safety, feature we backup your site daily.

*In the rare event that safety protocols fail, rest assure we can restore your website timely and without the loss of any private information.


Epic Sites comes with a free Google G Suite account. This is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are. With email, chat and video meetings you’re always up to date. We also have an Office 365 option.

*Comes with one user, additional users $5/month.

Standard Features


Whether you need a contact form or an application, we can create the form that suits your needs.

5 pages of copywriting

If wordsmithing isn’t your thing then let us take care of it for you. We will help you communicate your story on your website through well-crafted content.

Email marketing setup and design

Staying in touch with your customers is vital to the long-term health of your business. We will setup an easy-to-use email marketing system that you can reuse as much as you need.

Facebook Business Page Optimization

All your online marketing should work together. We will help you put your best foot forward on your Facebook page by creating a page that reflects the quality of your new site.

Domain name registration and renewal

We handle the small, but vital, details that can sometimes be forgotten. One of those is your domain name renewal from year to year. With Epic Sites your domain renewal is free!


Use your new site as communication platform. Blogging capabilities are built into your Epic Site and can be integrated into your customized design.


Your customers want to see your photos. We make it easy for you to post as many images as you want! Galleries can be integrated into any page on your Epic Site.

You own your site

Many pay-per-month website companies require you to pay the same amount every month… forever, and you never own your site! With Epic Sites, once you pay off the contracted amount your site belongs to you.


The heart of Epic Sites is WordPress, a tried and tested content management system that powers nearly 20% of all websites on the internet. This allows you to manage your own content easily without racking up additional charges.

Password-protected content

If you have content that you need to hide from public view, then we can setup pages that are only visible to people who have a password of your choosing.

Restricted access for employees

We can create accounts that restrict access to certain areas of your website control panel for staff that you want to edit content.

Premium Add Ons


Ecommerce capability can be added to any Epic Site at any time. Let’s chat and we can create an ecommence solution that is perfect for your business.

Visitor Identification

Are you a B2B business? Imagine if you could identify the businesses that are visiting your website. How could your sales team use that information? Imagine the advantage they would have knowing that certain prospects are already interested in your services. Now you can. With our visitor identification system you can track who visits, what they look at, and how long they are there. Only $50/month

Call Tracking

Tracking the effectiveness of your marketing is vital to your business’s success. We can track everything that happens on your website. But what about those people who call from an ad, a billboard, or some other method? We can help you track how effective any marketing effort is by utilizing tracking phone numbers. Get started at $25/month

Logo Design

Are you just starting or do you need a fresh face? We love designing logos and helping businesses shape their brands. A great logo can help increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing. Get yours for a one-time fee of $500.

Live Chat

Did you know that website conversions double when live chat is available? It’s a simple tool to install and use on your own site. Enabling your customers to ask you questions on the fly can make the difference between someone being simply a website visitor and a loyal customer. Live chat options start at $15/month

Business Cards

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and there are two things that your customers see before anything else; your website and your business card. Never underestimate the value of a great business card. Get your custom business card designed for $200.

We love local.

The success of our business is directly influenced by the sustainability and prosperity of your business. Let’s work together towards creating a thriving community where local rules.