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Create a Google Business Page:

Manage Your Google Business Page:

Google Analytics and Tag Manager:

If you choose to run your analytics through tag manager you want to make sure you don’t have your analytics tracking code in the page or you will register twice as much traffic than you actually have. 

Help Setting Up Analytics:

Setting up Conversions in Ads:

Setting up Conversions in Facebook:

How to Check Your Quality Score:

Setting up Custom Audiences in Ads: and…


Track Conversions via Calls:

UTM Link Builder:


Keyword and Adword Research:

Finding out what people are searching for can help you discover what your customers’ pain points are.  You can use the tool below to see how many searches are conducted month to month for various keywords.

You can also creep on your competition or a leader in your industry in another region and see how they are getting traffic to their site with


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