We love to teach local business owners the nuts and bolts of marketing that they can do on their own.  We’ve operated on a shoe-string budget before and we know that marketing is sometimes the first thing that gets cut.  While we would argue that this isn’t a smart business move most of the time we understand the financial pressures that local businesses are under at times.  We offer two ways to get some great DIY tips: every week or two we have a Facebook live web series (like our page and stay up to date with these) and we also offer DIY Marketing Workshops at the Blount County Chamber of Commerce on a regular basis.  Info for our next workshop is below.  RSVP and let us know you are coming!

Join us for our second installment of the DIY Marketing series. Our focus will be on using SEO to help grow your business. You will find out how SEO or Search Engine Optimization has a part in increasing a site’s relevance for Google rankings. The end goal is to get a site to appear as the top result for particular key phrases. You will walk away with practical advice and tools to help your business grow…

When:  June 13, 9:00am (Light breakfast will be served)

Where:  201 S Washington St., Maryville, TN


  • We are excited that you are joining us at the DIY Marketing Series. Are there any topics you hope are covered at the seminar?