Helpful Links:

Create a Google Business Page:

Manage Your Google Business Page:

Bing Places:

Google Analytics and Tag Manager:

If you choose to run your analytics through tag manager you want to make sure you don’t have your analytics tracking code in the page or you will register twice as much traffic than you actually have. 

Help Setting Up Analytics:


How to Build a Persona:




Mailchimp provides free email marketing software and automation for lists containing less than 2500 email addresses.  Read this beginner’s guide to Mailchimp to get started.


Live Chat:

Sites with live chat convert visitors better than those without.  Here are some options for live chat.  Some are free, some…. aren’t.


Keyword and Adword Research:

Finding out what people are searching for can help you discover what your customers’ pain points are.  You can use the tool below to see how many searches are conducted month to month for various keywords.

Google’s Keyword Planner

You can also creep on your competition or a leader in your industry in another region and see how they are getting traffic to their site with



More often than not, your online reviews will be a factor that your potential customers use to determine whether they will use your services or not. Make a link to get Google reviews here and solicit reviews from your current customers:

  1. Go to the Google Places API and search for the place ID of your business.
  2. Add your place ID to the end of this link:[YOUR-PLACE-ID]



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