If you own a website, more than likely your goal is to provide information about a product or service you offer along with ways for users to contact you in regards to the product or service. There are several common mistakes that can be made on your contact page that might hinder converting your website users into sales. In this article, I will highlight five of the most common mistakes made on most Contact Us pages.

The Contact Us Form

This form is a great way for possible customers or clients to inquire about products or services, however this should not be the only method of contact provided. Some folks are not technologically savvy, therefore more traditional methods of contacts such as a phone number and email address should always be provided in addition to the form.

Here are some logical reasons why users might not fill out the form:

  • The form does not work because the plug-in has not been updated
  • The form does not work properly on a mobile device, commonly caused by the labels not rendering correctly
  • The form is too complicated and lengthy for the user; keep the form simple and easy to fill out

The Contact  or Contact Us Page Should be Labelled as Such

This is one place where creative ambiguity does not work. Stick with the self-explanatory title of Contact  or Contact Us and make sure to include the link in the main navigation menu above the fold. Best practice also includes a link to the contact page at the footer. Additionally, the URL link should be yourwebsite.com/contact. Remember, keep it simple and ensure users can find and contact you easily or, chances are, they will find your competitor instead.

Keep Your Business Info Up-to-Date

Always make sure to make edits such as address, emails, and phone numbers to your website and contact page as they change. It’s best not to procrastinate on these changes as it could lead to lost business.

Give Both Private and Direct Contact Options

This is a wonderful way to individualize your customer service.  Providing contact information to the person best suited to answer particular questions ensures visitors to your site receive the best information possible regarding your product and services. Users should be able to reach out both privately and directly.  Also, adding phone numbers that can be answered immediately without going to voicemail will eliminate time where the user could potentially visit elsewhere while waiting for your call back.

Always Include an Easy to Find Contact Page

Believe or not, there are many business websites, including ecommerce, that list services, products, and information available with no contact page or a difficult to find contact page. This practice will cost tremendous amounts of possible business that will go to the competition. While these sites might have great traffic flow, conversions are lost due to lack of contact information.

Other Possible Mistakes

  • Make sure that a simple confirmation is given after the user submits a contact form
  • Do not use difficult captchas to complete submission of the form
  • Do not add a bunch of elements to the contact page;  keep it to the simple, essential information

Following these best practices when creating and adding the contact page to your website will ensure possible business does not fall through the cracks.

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