Website Design

Design and creativity are our passions.  We want to work with you to design the best digital and print material for your organization.  This takes a combination of design software and coding skills and the ability to seamlessly integrate the two.  We are skilled in Adobe CC, photography, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and SEO.  You can view our portfolio here. If you have a design need please contact us here and we can get started on the design process.

Here are some things to think about when considering what you want out of your digital/print design:

  • who is your audience (young, old, rural, urban, etc.)?
  • what is your brand?  this doesn’t just mean your logo, but it is everything about who your organization is.  a great explanation of ‘brand’ can be found here
  • what will be the printed/digital piece’s ultimate purpose(s)?
  • are there any websites or printed material that you think come close to capturing the brand of your organization?

The great news about both printed and digital designs are that they are getting cheaper and cheaper.  We can help you find the best value in printing (online or local).  All custom web design projects are priced by the job.  Please contact us to get an estimate on your project.

We also offer a monthly payment plan for great customized websites for local businesses.  Check out our Epic Sites and get your online presence up and running fast with a low monthly fee.